Verity Addiction

Whether you became addicted to opiates due to a traumatic accident, poor prescribing or bad choices, we’re here to help. Depending on your preferences, we can do a rapid detox, prolonged detox or stabilization and maintenance. Our philosophy on addiction is that it’s a devastating illness. We want to make treatment as painless as possible for you. We utilize the spectrum of Medication Assisted Treatment methods. These include but are not limited to: Buprenorphine, Suboxone films, Suboxone tablets, Zubsolv tablets, Bunavail films and Subutex tablets. We do encourage combining Buprenorphine treatment with counseling and psychotherapy.

It can be difficult to open up and discuss problems with addiction, particularly when it comes to alcohol. It may begin as socially acceptable, then can become a means to alievate something we have a hard time identifying. Addicts can live many years lying to their loved ones, and sneaking behind their backs to drink.

You’ve said it time and time again, “I’m ready to quit this time.”

Please reach out to us if this is what you’re experiencing so that we can be a pivotal part of you getting better. There is no better story than a success story. With any recovery from addiction, we thoroughly encourage you to seek the help of loved ones as well as professional counseling/therapy.

It is our philosophy that addiction can take any form. At it’s most basic nature, addiction is a compulsion to repeat a behavior despite the negative consequences that come with it. This can include drugs, gambling, internet, sex, shopping, video games, food and even exercise. If you notice in a loved one behaviors such as lying, manipulating, criminal activity or the person not acting themself, then consider that they may be involved in an addiction that they can’t control. With the advent of new medications and therapies, we are better able to help people. Various medications have provided us with tools that allow us to help you now.